The AI-powered securities diligence platform.

Control costs and reduce risk by managing comfort and backup with Statera.

Stop paying lawyers for non-legal work.

Circling documents and updating Excel sheets isn't legal work, and it definitely isn't worth your lawyer's hourly rate.

We help you manage the non-legal elements of diligence, so you only pay your lawyers for legal advice.

Over 1,000,000 hours are spent on comfort and backup every year.

And that's just by external counsel.

Using Statera for your diligence process takes work off your plate and dollars out of your bill.

How do we do it?

Securities disclosure has uncompromising standards for attention to detail. How do we help you do it better, faster, and cheaper?

It's simple.

Our workflow tool allows your diligence materials to be organized in advance, so you only pay your lawyers to review, not compile.

Statements are linked directly to sources and communication is saved in context for future reference.

Our specialists understand your business and are dedicated to producing quality work,
not hitting billable targets.

Our fees are fixed, because we believe the best work is done when incentives are aligned.

The right tool

Built to make comfort and backup better, faster, and cheaper.

The right team

Hired to make comfort and backup better, faster, and cheaper.

The right tech

AI that's actually helpful - no prompt engineering or coaxing required.

The right incentives

We charge fixed fees because we believe that working efficiently is the right thing to do.


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